A message from John Wade

Black activist denied bail in federal detention center.

John B. Wade is a Black Atlanta activist facing charges related to the George Floyd Rebellion in the Summer of 2020. He was arrested on November 2nd, in an inter-agency raid along with two others, Vida Jones and Ellie Brett. They face charges related to a string of arsons against government property and police cruisers. Wade has been repeatedly harassed by law enforcement since the beginning of the mass rebellion. He currently faces charges for his alleged participation in the vandalism and burning of the former Wendy’s restaurant on University Avenue following the murder of Rayshard Brooks. Brooks was killed by Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe, who was indicted for murder following the burning of the Wendy’s — outside of which Rayshard was murdered — and clashes between police and protesters. Without the determined acts of large crowds following the killing of Brooks, it is unlikely that Rolfe would have been indicted on charges at all.

In a correspondence with our Committee, Wade objects to his bond conditions, highlighting the discrepency between his own case — in which he is not accused of harming any real living people — and the legal treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is a white vigilante who murdered Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, two anti-racist protestors, amid a revolt in Kenosha, WI following the non-fatal shooting of Jacob Blake by police in August 2020.

At Wade’s request, we publish the following:

To whom it may concern:

On behalf of protestors and myself, I am not moved by the involvement of the courts to satisfy bond of Kyle Rittenhouse a murderer. His negligent acts are not alleged but of sound mind and caught on camera which is viable proof of his careless acts. We demand justice and equality based on preliminary facts of the courts and bond awarded to 17 years old Kyle Rittenhouse. We ask that the courts consign to our request as equal to Kyle Rittenhouse that we too non-murderers be granted a bond as fair and just under the acts and liberties of the United States of America.

John B. Wade

Write to John Wade at:

John Wade
PO Box 730
Lovejoy, GA 30250

Never write about illegal activities or the case against John. Since he is pre-trial, your letters could be used against him at trial. Never write anything you wouldn't want read by the prison or court! Additionally, mail your letters in plain envelopes, written or typed with blue or dark black ink on plain or lined white paper. Jails and prisons are very specific about what kinds of mail they allow in, and if you do not follow these guidelines, your letter could be thrown away or sent back. Additionally, do not include anything other than your letter: no stickers, no small items, no other goods, as these can and will be confiscated by prison guards and might result in negative consequences for John.

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