A Short Statement from Ellie Brett

Ellie Brett is currently being held without bond at Robert A Deyton Detention Facility. He was arrested on November 2nd, in an inter-agency raid along with two others, John Wade and Vida Jones. They face charges related to a string of arson’s against government property and police cruisers.

We publish the statement below, unedited, at his request:

Ellie’s mind against the {Monticello slave master} Thomas Jefferson

…and I don’t understand how the govt. expects us to idly stand by as the tax money from our paychecks is forced under elector control “against the will of the people”… which is taxation without representation from 1/6/17 to 1/6/21… of course we’re going to protest like the Boston Tea Party protestors and warriors from the American Revolution… the fort is dead wrong on this one…

!!! Power to the People NOT Electors !!!

Y no entiendo como el gobierno expecta nos estar de pie cuando nuestra impuestos de nuestra trabajo es poner con fuerza abajo de controlo de “electors”… que es taxation sin representación de 1/6/17 to 1/6/21… por supuesto nosotros protestamos como así los “Boston Tea Party” y los soldados de revolución Americano… el gobierno equivocaron en esta caso, completamente…